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es to prevent ▓conflicts between human beings and animals. In 2012, Zhuo had cooperated with Ol Kinyei Conservancy to promote wildlife conservation among Chinese communities. Some Chinese criticized him for protecting animals in Africa instead of in China. He said, "I'm a Chinese national, but I'm a global citizen. Animals don't have passports, pandas are not Chinese animals, lions are not African animals. They belong to the eco-system, just like humans, we are part of eco-system."Doubt

s don't just come from Ch▓ina, but also from Kenya. Since many Chinese go to Africa to do business or construction work, many locals felt ▓suspicious of Zhuo's motivation when he first arrived in conservation camps. Some even harbored doubts that he w▓as a poacher under disguise. Zhuo told CCTV.com, "When I first went to Africa on my own, many people did not believe that the Chinese would come to Africa▓ to protect wildlife. Some people even thought that all Chinese liked to buy ivory... But actions speak louder than words. Only actions ca?/p>

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坣 change their stereotypes." Yet with his sincerity and down-to-earth work, Zhuo proved himself to be a real cons▓ervationist, his heart-felt contributions were much app▓reciated by locals, in 2015 he became the first Chinese member of Maasal.(T

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opment in the region, the tension between wildlife and residents keeps▓ rising. One Chinese man named Zhuo Qiang, with a commitment to protect lions, came here to make a difference. Via establishing Mara Wildlife Conservation Foundation in 20▓11, Zhuo became the first Chinese citizen to register a private charity in Africa.After working as a civil servant for 15 yea

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39,▓ is a veterinarian for wild elephants at the Asian Elephant Breeding and Rescue Center in Xishuangbanna Nation▓al Nature Reserve in southwest China's Yunnan

Province.For 18 years, Bao has helped rescue more than 20 wild elephants, 10 of which are still at the center for further rehabilitation training and medical treatment."Rescuing ▓wild elephants is very difficult, as the animal is huge and can be aggressive and attack people sometimes," Bao said. "An adult Asian elephant weighs more than 2,000 kg."Most elephants in need of help are reported b▓y local villagers, and professional rescuers rush to the scene immediately."Some

nd the situations on the ground, we ▓deploy different rescue teams of about 60 people, sometimes even with a crane and a helicopter," he added."In remote areas, we even have to pave the way to transport the animals," he said.According to Bao, the worst situation is rescuing at night when the forests ar

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  • or twice a week. I dreamed of being a lion, going▓ to Africa, staying and running in the Savannah," he added. And his dream came true in 2010 when he fi▓nally decided to move to A
  • frica to save lions.Wildlife ▓protection is a challenging job. In Masai Mara Ecosystem, government-run Ma
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